About The Diaries

Welcome to the wonderful world of pregnancy and motherhood. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, you’re in the blissful midst of being pregnant, or you are so over being pregnant, “The Pregnancy Diaries” is written for you. After all, you are just as crazy to have gotten yourself into this mess as I am.

Just so we know this about each other up front: I am not a baby wizard. I actually know very little about pregnancy and what is right and wrong. I know even less about the female anatomy, and I promise you, I will not pretend to. Feel free to read and take from me what you will.

Maybe that’s nothing, but at least I can say I gave it a shot…even if it just made you roll your eyes or laugh a little.

Just know that I am never mocking a certain type of woman, and my opinions are just that – MY opinions. I’m wrong a lot. Ask my husband.

So, here’s to having motherhood on the brain – one for all and all for one!


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