2013 List of Christmas Joy

Yet again, the Brunner family (and by “Brunner family” I mean me) has compiled a little list of area activities to keep us busy, grateful, and together (while also remaining financially-afloat) this holiday season. Christmas should be about so much more than Santa Claus when kids are involved. As parents, let’s try to make it about lessons, family, giving, kindness, and JOY! Our kids deserve a memorable December. And yes, Santa DID make the list (I checked it twice) 😉

I encourage you to make your own List of Joy with your kids, post it on the fridge, talk about the activity-of-the-day over breakfast, and really ENJOY doing it…together. (Minneapolis folks – feel free to steal some goodies from this list.)

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

The Brunner’s



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